Thursday, December 31, 2015

I'm a tulip

I'd rather kill a stupid flower. . . than spread its seed around. . .when you think about it my job is kind of mean.  I get to carry a knife and cut flowers all day.  To be fair most of them are already dead anyways but sometimes I cut live plants.  But anyways. . .

I don't know about you but I can't wait for 2016.  I will not carry the sins of 2015 with me.  I will not go backwards.  Sure you can move and change your name and get a whole new set of friends but bottom line your still you.  And the me that I am is pretty good.  I have survived so much.

It's not easy being a tulip in a world full of roses.  Sure they look delicate and they blow open in the sun, but did you know that tulips are the only flowers that continue to grow even after they are cut?  If you get a vase of tulips and measure them, and then measure them a week later they will be longer.  If they have partial sun light you'll see that they grow and bend their sweet little heads in the direction of the light.  You can cut them, killing them essentially and they still continue to grow, and they age rather well.  If you keep the water clean they can last a pretty long time.  They are hardier than they look.

So what I am saying is you can knock me down but I'll always get right back up again.  You can keep knocking me down and I'll just continue to grow.  Maybe you won't like what I grow into.  That's totally fine by me.  Because I know you don't like what you've grown into.  No body does.  That's the problem with being a narcissist who lies constantly eventually the truth catches up to you.  And when it does you loose everyone.  I wish I could just poof you into being a fellow tulip, but I doubt you have it in you.  Some people never change.  Not even 5 minutes with you and I could see the only thing that's changed is you grew a vagina on your face.  I could see that you wanted to give me a hug, but you didn't.   I guess its because your latest victim was watching.  See, you can lie to my face and I still know your lying.  That's why you never wanted me to look at you.  Why you hide your bloodshot eyes that look like you've either been crying or got hit with mace.  Not going to lie, I thought about bringing my mace.  I could tell you were scared.  You always were a coward.  How dare I have my hands in my pockets!  It's only super cold outside and I have this thing I forgot what its called but when I am out in the cold my hands and toes turn super red.  Then when I get home and get in the bathtub to warm up they turn purple as hell and look like rotting zombie flesh so I tend to try and keep warm.  Ironic right?  Scary?  Not half as scary as your future.  I am the ghost of Christmas past and if you don't change your ways your going to die old and alone. . .witch is a nightmare for you because you need that validation of being with someone to feel like your worth anything.

See, that's why you need to be with a tulip.  Someone who can keep you honest.  Someone who won't put up with your bullshit.  Someone that you can't hurt.  Good luck finding someone like that.. . .

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Confessions of a florist: Christmas time

It's not just Christmas when your a florist.  It's Christmas for a whole month, soon as Thanksgiving is over you got fresh pine and everything is green red and white.  Poinsettias fill the shop and Christmas music is on and your one of Santa's little elves making pretty things to bring Christmas cheer to hundreds of households.  I even got to come in on a Sunday and fill a bunch of orders all by myself!  It was magical.  No customer distractions, no phones ringing, no small talk with other designers (I am a bit of an introvert) just me and music and pretty pretty flowers making beautiful things all by my lonesome.  As I was standing there having the time of my life I couldn't believe I actually get paid to do this!  Don't tell my boss but I'd do it for free that's how much I love it.  Some confessions though.  .

1.  Your hands are always dirty.  Doesn't matter how many times you wash them there's always pine sap under your fingernails and dirt in the folds of your cracked dried skin.  It's pretty bad actually.  I am probably going to get some bleach for when I wash dishes maybe that will help clean em up.

2.  You smell like Christmas.  That pine?  Yeah. . .it smells awesome but you smell like it for pretty much the whole month.

3.  All the sudden when its over you have a whole new appreciation for other colors of flowers.  The purples, yellows, blues and pinks are so much brighter and prettier after looking at red green and white for so long.  Yellow. . I have always been a yellow girl but its so much brighter, incredibly lovely, you almost forget about all other flowers aside from roses, carnations, spray roses, mini carnations poms and lilly's for basically a month.

4.  You wake up and your feet already hurt.  I remember waking up 5 minutes before the alarm and being like why do my feet hurt?  I haven't even done anything yet . . but its the price we pay for spreading Christmas cheer.

5.  You don't understand how the days go by so fast- I mean seriously you are so busy it feels like your there for 5 minutes and its time to go home.  It's a good thing we have Christmas month because to me anyways it only feels like about a week.  And when its done you get an intense satisfaction of oh yeah. . .I kicked that Christmas square in the nuts.  You totally feel like you did "Christmas"  once you've been a florist at Christmas time not being one just. . .it's not really Christmas.  It's way too easy, just feels like something is missing you know?

Well that was Christmas. . .I can't WAIT for Valentines day :)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What mom's do.

Don't try to tell me how to raise my kids.  Don't try and tell me "That's what mom's do" because last time I checked mom's don't kick out their daughters when they have a 3 year old and twin 18 month old babies (your grandchildren) when she has NO INCOME.  I have come a long way doing the opposite of what you did and I think I know what mom's do.  Mom's choose between calling off work when they have a sick kid and not being able to pay the rent or bringing the kid into work with them.  Mom's drag all 3 of their kids out of bed in the middle of the night because they are worried one of them might have some fatal illness that turns out to be the flu.  Mom's go hungry so that the kids can eat.  Mom's have one pair of jeans that they wear every single day because they can't afford anything else yet the kids have all they need.  Mom's choose between buying light bulbs and toilet paper.  Mom's find a job where 90% of the time you don't need daycare because the business is open during (mostly) school hours.

You don't know what mom's do because you never had to worry about it.  And then when you did get a job you pawned us off on the next door neighbor who didn't even watch us- hell its a wonder we survived.  We could have gotten snatched or fell off a hill in the woods or got ran over by a train and that woman would have been none the wiser because all she told us to do was "Go out and play" And boy did we.  And she never checked on us either.   No.  "That's what moms do" okay I guess that's what moms do they won't push back Christmas dinner one hour so that 2 of their daughters and their only grandchildren can come have a meal with them.  You only have 3 kids.  You only have 3 grandkids.  And its not like you have anywhere else to go because the only other place to go is having Christmas at the same time you picked to do it so why??  Why can't you move it back an hour?  Oh because that would just make too much sense right?  Thanks mom.  And I guess mom's sell their old car's to their child because giving it to them would just be too much.  You only give cars to the youngest she has gotten 3 cars out of you I guess she got my car and my other sister's car to.  I am just under stress to pay the rent and phone and insurance and food and clothing why not stack a car payment on top of that too?  Never mind you have a big beautiful 4 bedroom house that's sitting empty 70% of the time we can't stay there the kids are just too loud.  Not even for a year so that I could save a safety net and afford a "normal" place no that would just be taking a year out of your life, why would you want to live with your grandkids and see them everyday??  That's what mom's do.  They make you feel like crap no matter what you choose to do.  They complain that your house isn't clean enough or I am failing them some other way but you know what?  No.  I'm not failing them any witch way you slice it.  At least I am "present"  when I have them.  At least I talk to my kids.  At least I know what they are learning in school.  Do I take them on fancy vacations or buy them every new gizmo that comes out? No.  But we have fun and we take care of each other.  Because that's what mom's do. 

Well at least they should.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Are you an American? Call this number: 202-224-3121

Why should you call that number?  So you can tell them what state your from and then you can tell your state senator that you are against having more Syrian refugee's in America.  Should we help these people?  Of course!  Should we bring them here?  Um. . .no.  Why do you ask? 

Well in Paris one of the crazy people was posing as a refugee.  ISIS has stated that this is exactly what they were going to do.  Pose as refugee's and then turn around and go kill people.  This is common knowledge.  You can look it up.  They are so bold they are flat out telling us what they are going to do and here's our president saying oh okay sure come on in and kill a bunch of people.  While your at it, guns kill people.  Turn in your guns in Chicago and we'll give you 200 dollars.  Seriously this really happened you can look it up.  Not only is this a danger to us but there are many other reasons to be against letting all these refugee's into the country unchecked. 

First off, people need jobs.  Every day at my work someone calls, someone comes in, BEGGING for a job.  People need jobs now.  How many people do you think will need jobs if we have all these new people coming in willing to work off the books for whatever pay just so they can have a job?   People are homeless now.  Living on the streets.  Where are all these people going to live?  Is someone going to give them all houses or apartments?  What are they going to eat?  Oh that's okay they will all get food stamps.  Guess what?  I have had the pleasure of being poor enough for food stamps.  I know several others who are loosing their homes and lost their jobs, needing help in paying for food.  We are all getting squeezed out.  I lost my food stamps due to something so asinine its hard to even believe.  My ex husband has savings accounts for the kids under their names.  They are minors on the accounts and can't pull any money out of the bank till they are 18.  But because he has them under their names and socials EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE NO ACCESS TO THE MONEY, I can't even find out how much is in there- we lost our food assistance.  Come to find out after the fact its like 400 dollars in there (spread between 3 kids) so it wasn't even enough for us to get kicked out but just because it was there we get booted.  People who are lucky enough to still get help are getting less and less help to the point where some are only getting like 20 bucks a month.   What is the point?  Well once they get on food assistance there's not going to be anything left for anyone else.  This is another type of warfare that is quoted in their so called holy book.  They feed off the host country like parasites and refuse to conform to the host country's laws till they eventually take over.  With the numbers that he wants to bring in it sounds very likely that this will happen sooner than later. 

In other countries where they have let them come in and run amuck, women are being raped.  Children are being raped.  Little 15 year old girls are being gang raped.  There are places in these countries where the police won't go because it is deemed "unsafe" to go there unless you are Muslim.  Granted here we at least have the ability to bear arms so perhaps that will cull the insanity for awhile but seriously why play with it at all? 

Now I am not saying all Muslims are bad people.  I am not saying that we shouldn't help them, I am just saying from what I have seen of the ones who are already here we are already full up of Muslims please go somewhere else we have no room in the inn.  Can't we give them Alaska or something?  I wish there was a way to scan for radical ones but even with that the strain on our already collapsing economy I fear can't handle much more. 

So if your an American, if you love your neighbors and your family's and your co workers please call this number and blow up the phones and tell them that you are against all these refugee's coming here.  Please.   

Saturday, October 31, 2015

If you just smile. And hats.

You never know what is going to happen do you?  I was at a gas station the other day getting one of my indulgent spiced pumpkin latte's and I noticed this guy come in.  Kind of strange. . he made sure the door was closed after him.  So I get my coffee and get in line behind him.  Just another day you know.  And then he turns around and smiles at me.  I smiled back.  And then he gets up and walks out gets back in his car and leaves.  I guess I will never know what that was all about.  Was he just a weirdo who likes to make sure doors are closed behind him?  Was he running late for work and couldn't wait in line to pay for his gas?  Or was he going to rob the place and had second thoughts?  Maybe the delicious smell of my spiced pumpkin latte brought back memories of a better day and he decided not to do it.  Maybe my smile was all it took.  I don't know but it has been a couple of days and I still can't get the incident out of my head.  I think its because it is so rare these days for people to just randomly smile at you.  It used to be people would always smile and say hello, and everyone knows your name and all that, but with technology being what it is it seems like people don't so much communicate anymore.  And if you read that whole sentence and it made sense to you than I tip my hat to you. 

So today was Halloween.  I am divorced.  One of the benefits and one of the pitfalls of that is you miss half the holidays with your kids.  Today it was not my day to take them trick or treating.  I choose to see it as a blessing since it was raining and cold.  They still got candy and I got to stay nice and warm and crochet more hats.  I guess I might as well show you some of my latest ones.  You can find them all at I have really been on a hat kick lately.  Probably because of my job, I now like shorter projects that I can get done verses ones that stay on my desk for a month because it takes me so long to finish them.  I would love to get your opinions on them!  I really like the blue one because its chunky and texturized and you can wear it 3 ways by either braiding it like I have it braided in the last picture or taking the braids out so its slouchy or mega slouchy.  When you have both braids out it could even fit shorter dreads!  These hats all come in just about any color you can think of and if you want one in a color I don't have listed odds are I can get it.  So just ask!  So what do you think? 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Boatload of flowers take 2

Well there you have it folks.  I only did the 2 big swags my awesome and wonderful co-workers did the wreathes.   I guess they got it on there with power tools or something and had a tarp to protect it from the cold at  night.  I tell you what its a good thing I am not a delivery driver because things never look the way I picture them in my head and I would be upset all the time.  Sure it came out beautiful but that's not how I pictured it. . .you know??  At least they had a great sunny day for it.  I guess they had to park the boat a certain way to get the flowers on because the wind was terrible bad the other way.  The customer is happy and that's all that matters.  I can't believe I made those things 8 feet long and they still didn't frame the whole name.  I am disappointed about that but those are the measurements they gave us and I don't think I could have gotten much bigger anyways.  As it was it was 2 casket sprays set together to look like one big piece.  . . .and I had to do 2 of them.  I never did 4 casket sprays in one day before but hey at least now I know it can be done. . . God forbid there's some kind of terrible tragedy and we need that many for one day. 

Well that was a neat job.  I love getting these challenge jobs and at least there wasn't any bridezilla's involved.  All's well that ends well I always say .. . .

Thursday, October 15, 2015

We have a boatload of flowers. . litterally

So I have been asked to do many a things in my floral design days, but this is a first for me.  I must say I am kind of excited.  Today was a weird day.  We had so many flowers in our cooler that you literally could not walk into the walk in cooler.  And I was sitting there thinking okay . . .sweetest day is Saturday but seriously what are we going to do with all these flowers? 

Enter these guys. . . Their boss's mother died and he had named this tug boat after her.  So they want 2 giant swags and 5 wreaths to decorate this boat with and I sure hope they get some good pictures once they get it all set up because I don't know how well my arrangements are going to hold up on the water.  You got the wind, you got the waves, at least its not salt water but still if it gets below freezing the flowers are going to freeze.  I guess they are going to Michigan after they take a bunch of pictures for the funeral.  I hope the arrangements hold up but I don't know man. . . part of me wanted to have them sign a waver that we won't be held responsible if anything falls down and hits someone on the head, they aren't super heavy and probably won't kill anyone but still.  I think its going to look really beautiful once its all set up, I hope it lasts. 

Not to go all clerks on you but "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"  That happens a lot where I am though coming in on days off.  I enjoy it because its like. . . I still get paid for coming in on my day off so who am I to complain?  And I love the work so its a double bonus really, especially when the kid are in school anyways its not like I am missing out on anything.

So I guess I know now why we had all those flowers funny how sometimes life works out like that.  Sure would be nice if all we had to do is order a ton of flowers and every time get a big order like this.  Well better hit the hay, big day tomorrow.  It's not so much the work that tuckers you out its more of the emotional cheese and rice can I even do this type of stuff that wears you out.  Wondering if its going to all fit in the van.  Wondering if its going to look right on the boat.  They were awesome enough to give us measurements but still. . .in this line either people love love love it or they hate it.  My saving grace is its for a bunch of guys so they will probably not really care too much.  For the first time ever I get to go in and say "We have a boatload of flowers" and not be just being a smart ass.  How exciting!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

That moment when someone tells you your car is only worth 95 dollars.

I must admit I did plan on running that car into the ground, so I guess I did a good job.  I don't understand though how a car that runs and all is worth only 95 dollars.  In the end I only got 90 for it.  If they ripped me off well than one day God can sort it out.  That was one headache I needed to get rid of literally.  I think the car was giving me headaches because the fumes were leaking into the car.  No bueno.  The transmission was slipping and then there's that little part about where I went over rail road tracks and the air bag blew up in my face and caught on fire. . I guess that's like 500 to fix all on its own.  I always wondered what it was like to have an air bag go off on you.  Well now I know.  I didn't even hit anything so it was a big shock when it happened and there's all that white powdery stuff.  And then I smelled burning.  The metal plate on my steering wheel was some how super hot and was burning the air bag like a bag of popcorn that had been in the microwave too long.  So I decided to pull over. . . since my window didn't roll down or anything. . .yeah.  Time to die little car.

Things I will not miss about you: The window didn't roll down
The radio didn't work
The tape player didn't work.  Yes I said TAPE player NO CD PLAYER
The air conditioning didn't work.
The heat broke 3 times last winter.
Only 4 seat belts so my daughter had to ride shotgun.
Transmission randomly shifting gears for seemingly no reason at all.

So yes.  End of the line with you.  And I feel sorry for the poor soul that gave me money for you.  I hope they dismantle you and find ways to make you useful because as far as a car goes, your fired.  Good riddance to old rubbish.

Seriously though its the end of an era.  I got that car when I was 21.  I had that car 14 years.  It got hit by lightning and hence had serious problems with the electrical system I suspect thats why my radio was so spotty and then eventually gave out.  It got hit by a semi truck on the toll road lucky he wasn't going that fast and stopped going into my lane when I blasted my horn.  Got hit by another semi truck when it was on a side road it wasn't supposed to be on.  Been rear ended a couple of times.  Since I moved here the neighbor across the street hit it 2 or 3 times.  A giant tree branch fell on it during a storm.  And once upon a time I backed up into a pick up truck in the parking lot.  And when my sister was getting married I bumped into a mini van.  (I was nervous for her) Oh well.  Now I owe someone way too much money but at least I have a car and can keep my job and can still be pretty much independent and take care of the kiddos.

How long have you had the same car for??

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Confessions of a florist

I got back into floral design.  It's it a really great shop with really awesome people.  Since I've been at a couple (okay 3) shops now I thought I might give anyone who cares some insight onto what it is like to be a florist.  I know many people think "Oh what a fun job! I'd like to do that!" but you just don't know what it's really like till your there.  Anyways on with the confessions:

1.  The flowers designed in the front cooler are the same age as the flowers in the back cooler.  Just because you are standing there personally watching someone put your vase together for you that doesn't mean its any fresher than the ones already made.  Most times the ones in the display cooler are made earlier that same day. 

2.  "We just got this in" translates to . .  it was in our last shipment.  Most flower shops get one big order once a week and then "fill in" daily as needed with more flowers.  Odds are if the flowers are open and beautiful we have had them in for at least 2 days, since they come to us all tight and thirsty from boo foo Egypt.  A busier shop is going to have fresher flowers since they have to "fill in" more often with extra shipments, but with the way we process and keep the flowers in the cooler they don't really age much anyways. 

3.  Here's an interesting one for you, our flowers come packaged in Chinese newspapers.  I don't think that the flowers actually come from China, but for some reason they are packaged in newspapers with all those cool Chinese letters all over them.  Why? I do not know.

4.  Roses are mean.  So are Christmas greenery.  Every rose has its thorn and in this case it's literally.  They hurt.  They will cut you.  Especially during Valentines day rose strippers are a girls best friend.

5.  You may grow to hate the holidays.  Now me, I love the holidays because I love to be busy busy busy but some florists hate the holidays.  They don't like doing the same arrangement 50 times in one day or heaven forbid they have to actually "work" all day. .  you get the picture. 

6.  Your not going to like every arrangement.  Even the very best designers don't like some of their own work.  At least twice a day I look at something that I made and secretly hate it.  There is no accounting for taste and you know, the customer is always right.  Some of the things that Teleflora or whatever come up with are just straight out ugly.  If you ever order flowers yourself say you want "designers choice" that allows the designer to pick the most beautiful flowers of the day and put them all in one classy arrangement. 

7.  You are on your feet ALL DAY.  Get some good shoes.  Your going to need them.  Not too good though because most shops just throw all their stems all over the floor.  I do love that part of my job.  Make pretty things and just throw the rest on the floor we'll pick it up later.  Good times.

8.  Cleaning buckets stinks.  As in smells bad.  I don't know if its the chemicals in the flower food or the bacteria that starts growing after awhile but mix that with bleach and you got yourself the lovely stench of cleaning buckets.  And you'll have a lot of them.

9.  Making bows is the worst!  Pinching that ribbon super tight and holding on while you craft the perfect bow (and on top of that I am left handed so the shears don't work till I am done and let go) and then twisting that wire. . was just talking about this today with my buddy it took us both about a year to make a passable bow.  I still hate my bows.  Not that they are bad or anything, I think I just hate them on principal.  They can add to the appeal of an arrangement no doubt but after its all said and done you know that hard work is going in the trash. 

10.  You are doing God's work.  Encouraging the sick, comforting those who mourn.  Celebrating with those who celebrate and also helping that creepy guy stalk the bartender. . . all in one day!  I am not going to lie it is fun and rewarding, but working with the public has its ups and downs.  Especially when you are working with brides or those who have just lost a loved one its an emotional time and you have to be careful how you handle them.  I think of it kind of like a doctor, do no harm.  Just be there for them and support them and even if they want something you think is going to be straight out terrible (unless its a very very bad idea) make it work.  A happy customer is a returning customer. 

So there you have it.  10 confessions from a florist.  I could get into the whole there's good shops to work for and there's bad shops to work for, but that's just about anywhere.  Try to find a boss who's compatible with your way of thinking and every day will be a good one.  Don't take it personally if someone doesn't like your arrangement.  Everyone has different tastes.  If this is something you still want to do, GO FOR IT but keep in mind there's no money in it. . I do it for the love of the work. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good news Etsyians. . .Etsy is finally up to code and legal . .only 7 months AFTER the law went into effect


Hi there,
We’re excited to announce that we have implemented the site updates necessary for Etsy to begin collecting value-added tax on digital items from buyers in the European Union.
As many sellers of digital items know, the European Union implemented new rules on value-added tax (VAT) for digital items earlier this year. The rules, which took effect on January 1, 2015, state that VAT on digital items delivered via automatic download will be taxed based on the country where the buyer is located, not where the seller is located. The rules apply to any shop selling digital items that can be automatically downloaded at the time of purchase to buyers in the EU, no matter where the shop is located. The rules do not apply to items delivered by email. To be clear, EU buyers – not Etsy or Etsy sellers – will be paying VAT as part of their total purchase price.
In February, we announced that Etsy is responsible for collecting VAT on digital items delivered by automatic download and remitting it to the appropriate tax authorities. Since then, we’ve been working on the site updates necessary to begin the collection process. Those updates are now live on Etsy. Please visit the Seller Handbook article below for details on the collection process.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Just another reason why the government is BROKEN.

Where do I even start?  I guess I'll start at the part where people tend to look down on you if your on government assistance.  How most people tend to forget that once upon a time many people who are currently on assistance had jobs and paid into the system of witch they are now stuck relying on.  How kids who get free lunches tend to get picked on.  

Never in my life did I think I'd be someone who needs government help.  I didn't plan to be divorced with 3 kids.  I hate being on it.  I don't want to be on it.  So I started Crochet By Mel in hopes that I could earn enough where I wouldn't need it.  Where I could work from home and watch my own kids and do something to improve our lives.  Needless to say it didn't really work out.  Sales are slow (especially so in the summer) to non existent at times.  Yet the stupid system sends me all this paperwork from time to time to hurry  up and make sure I am not making enough to get off of their "help" They want my sales figures, my bills and expenses, how much my material costs, tell you what its more work satisfying those guys than it is actually running a business.  

Now after 5 long years the kids will be going into school and I was lucky enough to land a job.  Not anything big, not even anything full time, but its a JOB and its mostly during the time when the kids will be in school.   Haven't  even been there 30 days and I got big brother breathing down my back to see how much I am making there and how many hours. Barely even got my foot in the door now I have to turn in these papers for my boss to fill out that ask questions like "Was the employee terminated?  Did they quit?"  Do they get health insurance?  Do they get tips?  How often do they get paid?  How many hours do you think they are going to work in the next month?  

Seriously???  Way to humiliate people who are trying to get a job and get off your blessed assistance.  I wish I could look into my crystal ball and know how many hours I'll be working next month, if I'll be lucky enough to get more hours, if maybe someday I'd get a raise, or if someone would give me a tip.  Dear big brother I sincerely hope who ever created these stupid laws that waste time and make people want to quit their jobs just so they don't have to deal with you I sure hope someday you get fired.  And that you need assistance.  And that you can be standing in millions of American's shoes who are just like me trying to make things better for my family.  And I am not even going to get into this alleged "daycare assistance" program that every time I call to try and see if I can get help with that they tell me the list is closed and doesn't exist.  How is anyone supposed to work when the cost of daycare for one child is 75% of what they would make?  Got more than one kid?  Forget about it.  Your paying MORE than you'd make for daycare.  Why?  Does that make sense to you?  Meanwhile hardworking stay at home moms get paid NOTHING. . . and bonus many people who don't have kids look down on them and call them lazy because they aren't "working"  

I get it.  People lie.  People say they don't make what they make and food stamp and welfare and all that fraud is all over the place.  But can someone please tell me if Big Brother can look and see I have a job BEFORE I EVEN GET ONE MONTHS WORTH OF CHECKS why can't they look and see how much I made as well?   Why is it the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing?  Why is it if you don't go to the office and have them fax it directly to the person in charge of your case it magically doesn't get done in time and then bam you have no benefits.  Shaking my head doesn't even begin to describe it. . .

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Best Summer Ever

I have vowed to make this summer the best summer ever for me and the kids.  This week has been a blast.  The boys are doing pretty awesome in Kinder Kamp and even my little trouble maker is only one green face away from getting a treasure from the teachers treasure box in School.  On Monday after school (was it Monday? or Tuesday? I don't know. .. . ) we went to the beach.  It was super fun.  Interestingly enough though the beach was moved about 20 feet because of all the rain we've had so far this year it flooded out the beach for a good 20 feet.  Probably not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but it was pretty interesting to me I knew we had a lot of rain but to move lake Michigan 20 feet. . . it must have been more than I thought.  The water was cold but we loved it anyways.  They asked me if we could go to the beach every time the day was hot enough and being only 10 minutes away . . I said sure :) On Tuesday I think we did big fat nothing. . .  my favorite!  Yesterday I took them all to McDonald's playland and they all played to their hearts content.  Just because its a rainy day that doesn't mean that you can't play .. .then today I get to work my most favorite job ever for a half a day whoo hoo!! Make pretty things to cheer people up.  Tomorrow we are all set to see the Minion movie.  I never seen the other 2 but the kids seem pretty excited to see this one. . . hopefully they will all behave so we can actually watch it.  . so that was one week of the best summer ever. ..  too bad its so short.  Awe well best make the most of it. .

Monday, June 29, 2015

The thing about rainbows is.. . .

The thing about rainbows is. . . do you know who made that rainbow?  The one you see plastered all over people's facebook pictures and on signs and even the White House, it's no longer white, it's now rainbow technicolor sparkly prettiness.  Do you realize that God made that rainbow?  Even more so do you remember WHY he sent the rainbow?  To promise Noah he'd never again JUDGE the entire world by flooding it with water.  And what were these people doing that angered him so?  Sin.  What does the bible say about same sex unions?  It's sin.  When we as a nation turn our back on God what can we expect him to do but turn his back on us?  It pains me to say this man PRAY HARDER.  We are in some serious trouble over here the more I read Revelation the more it makes sense and things are coming into place and it's really not going to be much longer now.  I don't say this to scare you or freak you out or anything but we are in big trouble right here in river city.  Forget about recycling.  Forget about global warming, none of it is going to matter.  It's scary how fast everything is coming to pass.  There's only a couple more things on that list that need to be done before he rolls away the sky like a  scroll and says "enough"   Are you ready?


Now people are all "don't judge" and it's sin just like any other sin and in that regard your right.  There is no one who is holy left here not even ONE.  But to anyone who thinks that Christians don't support them because we are judging them I just want to tell you this-  I don't support you not because I hate you, but because I love you.  I don't want you to sit there, living your life in sin, dying in your sin.  Because once you die, that's it.  It's too late to say "I'm sorry"  and you can't bank on having time on your death bed to at the very last second accept Jesus as your savior.  Jesus has called us to be perfect as he is perfect.  He has also called us to love one another in the lord for this is right.  So where true Christians are coming from is not from a place of hate but of love.  We love you.  We don't want you to die and go to hell on account of not knowing that what your doing is against God's plan for your life.  It's the tough love thing.  I've seen many cases of people feeling hate and judged where people aren't being hateful or pointing fingers at all and all I can say about that is if your feeling that way, odds are it's God pulling on your heart strings.  Do not harden your hearts.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

God is a God of second chances.

Hey howdie hey kiddo's.  I know. . .it's been awhile. . . again.  Sorry.  But I really do have a good reason.  I got a job!  God is so good!  I pray all the time and not to say my prayers are not as effectual as others or anything but I have had some really hardcore servants of God praying for me lately and it's working!  I never ever thought I'd have the opportunity to design flowers again but here I am at this awesome shop, right down the street from my house designing flowers.  My all time favorite job!  Right now its just part time but I am hoping once the kids are in school I'll be able to be closer to full . . .  can't be totally full because they are only open 7 hours a day BONUS once the kids are in school I will only have to find some after care for like an hour.  So I am not looking at a crazy daycare bill.  No nights.  No Sundays.  I can't even tell you how happy I am you guys.  First day on the job a customer picked one of my arrangements out the cooler,  that felt good.  What felt even better was today I got to sit down with a bride and plan out her wedding flowers. (On my second day)  And I did it.  And I didn't mess anything up.  And she was super nice!  I hope she spreads the word and sends more brides my way because I love weddings and I don't have the kids every other Saturday anyways so I might as well be over there doing something fun and amazing instead of over here sitting on my butt crocheting or doing the dishes.  So not only am I super happy I get to do a job I love it also takes a good portion of the pressure I had off of me because things are changing once the boys go to full day school.  God is so good!  Do not for one second doubt it.  And the people I work for are Christians.  All very good things.

So be jealous :) Okay  not really jealous but I wish everyone had the opportunity to do things that they love for a living.   I may be cutting down the crochet stuff to mostly made to order things because I won't be having all the time in the world anymore to do this.  But rest assured if you need a dress or a shawl or scarf or hat or whatever I'm still your girl.  I must say the most amazing summer ever is off to a very very good start :) thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An open letter to Less Than Jake

On my way to the show :)
Yep. . I am a old school hard core fan of the band.  I have seen them somewhere around 15 times.  Seen them on Saturday . .. just now coming down from that high.  It was really great show.  Even if it did rain a bit. . .we got to "Pick your self up and come in from the storm."  Best and weirdest part, it was in the sand.  I got to be totally up front for like 3 songs before the circle pit in the sand got too wild and I had to move or get sucked in.  Gotta love those hard core Chicago Circle pits.  I have been to shows in more than a few places, but only Chicago has those circle pits really going.  I was pretty surprised that they got it going in the sand like that just standing in the sand all day was a work out, never mind all the jumping and I wore flip flops. .  managed to get out without any broken toes.  Yay!

Waiting in the rain, in the sand, with the sissy for the jolly good show
They say you can't go home again, but seeing them again sure felt like it.  Especially since they played so many awesome old songs.  I did like their new album, I was so happy, See the Light?  I had been praying for their salvation for a good long time and when I heard the CD I was so happy because I thought they had come to Jesus, and there was going to be good music in heaven.  Then I did some research and found out they found budda or some junk.  And I haven't listened to that CD since.  But its not just Bible thumper's that don't like it my sister totally turned away from the faith and she's seen you all more than I have and she don't like it either.  Couldn't really get her to elaborate other than saying that it sucks and she don't like it.  Now I don't know how much success that CD is having but the fact that your not playing in Warped tour this year and instead are playing and weird little dives in the middle of nowhere's ville where you have to try and be PG13 because there is a bunch of apartments next door has me thinking maybe it's not doing so well.

Go back to your roots.  You still got all that talent and all that drive,  I'd like a new CD please.  Also I was quite amused that your not supposed to swear and yet you played Fuck Doug and you never ever play Fuck Doug.  Did you get fined?  Did the cops in boo foo Egypt arrest you??? That was a super long drive but I am glad I made it.  Thanks for the memories.  I really hope you all pick yourselves up and come in from the storm.

:) gotta love the horns 

my <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My latest addiction

Yes I have realized I have a problem.  . too many ideas and not enough time in the day.  My latest tick I have been on are these super cool cotton boho retro festival tops.  I mean seriously the combinations are endless.  And I have a concert to go to Saturday . . . too many choices!  You can find all these and more at my stand alone site and then just click on the festival tops link on the top. . . so many!  These are just a few.
This Hot little number in Rasta Mix, I love the flirty little tassels don't you?

Ha ha!  My Rainbow Brite star light halter, Yep showing my age :) 

Go go gadget America!  Red white and blue stars and stripes represent

This one I made for my sister. . . she doesn't know yet but she's wearing it to the concert.

So far this is my favorite, I love the romantic lace coupled with the tassels and the beads, and baby blue to match my eyes.  . its either this or the brown one I am working on now.  ..decisions decisions :) 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some of what's New!

Hey howdie hey look at this, two posts in one week?  Wow you guys must just be so thrilled.  Along with the new site came a smidge of new direction, I know that this ventures off in a whole different direction than the wedding dresses and fancy beautiful stuff like this:
Custom order done from Chi Krneta's wedding dress pattern that I fixed. .

But rest assured I will still be making all that pretty stuff if you just contact me on my stand alone at  if you can dream it I can make it. . .granted that took over 2 months.  . lol 

But anyways this is one of my new festival tops
summer is here, why fight it?  These little tops are so cute and fun to wear.  You get to pick out your very own color and size. The way I set up the bottom string gives you great support, like I really couldn't believe the support was so good because lets face it, a girl needs some support.  Everyone is doing it, even people who probably shouldn't. . . like me. ha ha

Yep this is me.  modeling what my son refers to as "American boobs"  He's 5.  Every time he see's an American flag he has to point it out because well, isn't it one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen?  So when he saw this he said cool mom you got American boobs.  And I do.  And so can you!  Just head on over to this size generally fits everyone but if your less than an A cup or grater than a D cup you should probably convo me for a custom made top so I'd be able to have it fit you better. 

Okay So I don't know what happened here its late and I am having technical difficulties seems like some of my pictures just magically disappeared.  . oh well I guess there's just more for me to write about soon :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Never Forgetsy. . . the lessons we learn the hard way. . .

Well here's hoping that all the new handmade venue's never do forget Etsy.   I know it's been awhile since I actually wrote a post. .  sorry about that I have been busy busy busy.  The first thing I'd like to talk to you about that I am super excited about is that I have opened my very own webstore, where you don't have to sign up for anything and you can buy some products over there.  You can even contact me for custom orders an such over there. .  and I know I am not a web designer or anything and it needs some work but you can check it out here :
Secondly (break out the party hats)  Whooo hoo!!!  I have finally got 100 sales on Etsy.  I thought it would never happen.  Surely I thought it would never happen once Etsy rolled out the IPO and cut ties with just about every social media platform I used to promote it.  You know they encourage you to promote your products on sites.  That's like an all day thing tweeting and pinning and saving on Wanelo and tumblr ( I still have little to no clue how that thing works) and g+ and then what happens?   You find out these sites are burying your posts hiding them in a little dark corner never to be seen again.  Still I managed to pull it out in the last hour.  Thank goodness!  So why would Etsy do this to their sweet little handmade artisans and crafters?  It's all about the $$$ see when you get a product selling on there all the sudden that product goes o the top of the list when someone searches for something like your item.  When there's tons of reseller's on there selling made in china. . . well than your posts get sent to the little far back corner as well. Because they want to make money.  Never mind that one fifth of all their money is OUR FEES.  So guess what?  Me and about every etsy seller I know .  . well scratch that all of them.. . . are stopping relisting stuff on Etsy.  Lets see if they miss their little 20 cents multiplied by hundreds of listings, multiplied by hundreds of sellers.  Since we are all selling less as well they are getting less selling fee's on top of that.  I guess they will just have to sell more stock to make up for all the shops leaving to go to Shopify or other platforms or just flat out giving up and they will sell a multitude of made in China. . . till everyone realizes they lost their handmade cred and then starts shopping on Amazon. . . yep that's right.  Amazon is going to open up a handmade market.  They already get a lot of traffic.  So it would be nice to be able to post stuff on there, not spend all day promoting it and get customers who actually want nice, handmade quality items.  Or you know, on my stand alone site where I don't have to worry about glitches or other issues or paying fee's. . .

Lastly I am having a contest to promote my new webstore and my new selection of fun festival tops.  You can enter it right here the lucky winner will get the festival top in their choice color and size.  FOR FREE.  I am one fifth the way to the goal, so if you know any fun loving girls please tell your friends.  It's pretty easy to enter if you have a wanelo account, if you don't you can always get one.

So lets not forget the lessons of Etsy.  Do not depend on a 3rd party for your business to thrive.  In the end all they care about is the bottom line.  Buyer beware on Etsy.  If it looks too good to be true it probably is.

I know I say this every time but I will try to be more "around" on here.  Maybe it will stick this time :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Crochet Awards voting starts Febuary 23rd!

I am so excited you guys!  My dress pattern was selected for the Flamies Crochet Awards.  I didn't even sign up for this but I guess they saw me on Ravelry and the rest is history . . . I hope I can count on your votes?  Check it out here! It would be amazeballs if I could actually win this.  Special thanks goes out to Geneve Hoffman Photography as without her awesome photo's I am sure they would have just passed my dress on by . . .  Have a cheese ball day my friends~