Sunday, September 29, 2013

A few of my favorite things

Sigh.  Another kid free weekend.  Another weekend of perfectly perfect weather and two nights of blissful sleep with no snuggly munchkins waking me up at 3 am to snuggle.  Ok so I miss the last part but they will be back tonight and everything will be back to normal.  I especially love the snuggling since now they are old enough to walk their little selves to my room and crawl into bed and half the time I don't even wake up I wake up in the morning snuggled next to one or two of my favorite people on the planet.  What's wrong with that?  If I was them I would too those toddler beds are not near as comfy as mine is.  Anyways on with the show. . . There has been so many new additions to my store lately I just have to share with you a few of my most favorite things.  One of them being this super lush and awesome chenille yarn that I just ordered a boatload of and can hardly wait for it to come in so I can make more pretty things. . . I know.  I shouldn't be spending money but I did get a really awesome deal on it.  What??? I did.
 First up is this lovely mohair blended chevron infinity scarf.  It's lace weight so its warm without being too warm and I love how it stays in place without me even having to tie it or re tie it, for someone like me who often forgets to wear a necklace it kind of doubles as a necklace and the colors are very "in" right now.  You can also double it for extra warmth during the evil super cold months.  You can find this awesome infinity scarf right here, the way the yarn is even if I made the same exact scarf again the color pattern might not be the same so if you like this one, make it yours :)
 This bamboo shawl is so dreamy it's light and soft and very comfortable to wear.  It's sexy and sleek and would make an awesome addition to a sexy witch costume.. . .just sayin' but you could also wear it with just about anything for a touch of classic black and a bit of mystery. . . you can find it here and as much as I like this shawl it was a pain to make so I don't think I'll be making another one so if you want it I'd make it yours before some one else nab's it.
 Now I don't usually use chunky yarn because I prefer the small stuff however this hat as got me thinking I should be more flexible because it turned out fabulous.  I added on a giant fall mum that is easily removed with a button so you can take it off, or place it somewhere else on the hat if you wish.  I love it because it gives it a touch of fall flavor and then you can take the flower off in the winter if you wish.  It's super comfortable to wear and keeps your head warm.  You can find it here.
Lastly I finally got this dress up in my shop again.  Its a wedding dress but could be used for anything really, a costume, a party, a whatever you wish.  This dress is being sold at a reduced price since it was used as a sample.  It's made of bamboo and is so light it was blowing all over the place with a light breeze so that's why the picture is a little fuzzy.  It has a slight train.  I never thought I'd be making wedding dresses but why not?  Dream big right?  You can find this dress right here and if you know someone getting married, or would like a one of a kind super sweet and delicate wedding dress made just for you please do drop me a message, I would love to contribute to making your special day extra special. 

Well there you have it folks, a few of my favorite things.  I'll leave you with this, BUY AMERICAN ha ha

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bring on Fall!

I know I haven't been here much, bad me.  I been busy creating. . .   Fall is coming.  Christmas is coming.  School, homework, spending quality time with my boys and creating has been taking up all my time.  I am making tons of stuff that will hopefully get sold with this Christmas rush I hear so much about. . .however I am suspecting it's a myth.  Either way I need more items in my store so its not like I have anything to lose really, and if it don't sell well . .. guess what everyone I know is getting for Christmas :)  Lets take a look at some of my newbies shall we?

 While digging in my stash I found a skein of this super soft and silky rayon chenille.  This is a special run they did because it's got a thread of sparkly gold in it.  Perfect for Christmas or really any day.  I was about to keep this hat for myself but then I realized. . . I have enough to make 2 :)  It has just the right amount of volume and is soft and romantic with a bit of warmth.  Makes a great gift or treat yourself!  You can find this hat here and no where else! 
 While digging in my stash I also came across this lush mauve chenille yarn and made this super trendy fun and versatile neck warmer, or some prefer the word "scarflette" If you like this one I also have a matching hat made in the same yarn that looks pretty much like the white one only mauve at my store as well.  Now I've had this stuff forever and I doubt I'd be able to get it again so if you like these no doubt snag them before someone else does!  You can find this neck warmer here and no where else.  Often duplicated never exactly well. . . you know what I mean. 
 Next up you know I jumped on this chevron craze.  Of course its my favorite colors yellows and gray this mediumish sized scarf is acrylic so it's machine washable and its decently warm for fall and winter months.  You can find it here and I also just posted a dark yellow hat that looks like the white one only yellow and would match this perfectly.  Who doesn't need some bright yellow to warm up their freezing winter day?
Last up (for now) is this sweet sapphire blue flower string scarf.  It's made from a bamboo silk blend that gives amazingly sexy drape.  It's extra long so you can wear it as many ways as you can dream of.  The color in my pictures doesn't really do it justice it's really a bright rich blue that you really need to see in person to fully appreciate.  You can find it here

Ok so I'm gonna stop typing now because I managed to break one of my fingers a few days ago and I didn't split it or anything so it's still a bit sore and typing isn't really it's friend right now so please forgive me for being brief.  I hope you love fall as much as I do and that you'll check back at Crochet by Mel often as I'm adding things almost daily to try and stock up for the holiday season.  Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mickey mouse

Took the kids to see the mouse on ice today.  Before I forget I want to write it all down to remember it forever and ever because this is a special thing to me, kids grow up so fast these days and they are so precious when they are small, I want to make sure I remember these little tit bits forever.

A wouldn't get off my lap.  He figured out he could see much better while sitting on it. 

When D was watching the beast turn into a prince he looked over at me and said "I sure hope this works!" so so cute!

When Buzz Lightyear came out of the present box I got a "Mom, I love you" from my little D.

When the Chinese dragon came out during the Mulan number D. got so scared until M. told him not to be scared it's just people in costumes. 

A. said his favorite part was Mickey mouse.  Yep.  He's my son.

D. said his favorite part was Goofy and Toy story.  He about fell in love with the good fairy from Pinochio he couldn't take his eyes off of her and kept saying "wow" over and over.  To be fair she was probably the best skater at the show.

M. said her favorite part was Stitch and she even got a Stitch stuffed animal, even though she's never seen the movie I guess she really liked his character in the show.

All 3 were perfect little angels and listened and were so good I took them to Mc heart attacks for dinner.  It was a good day.  Here's hoping I get extra weekend days with them (when my ex was supposed to have them) more often.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just another day in paradise

What's new party people?  I'm battling a head cold from hell so expect this to be brief.  3 weeks into school and my daughter already bambozled me into not going to school.  I really thought she was sick since I was sick, I took her to the doctor and everything.  Got the schpeel about how kids who go to school get sick and I need to get used to it.  Got told not to keep her home from school unless her temp is 101 or higher.  Really?  I run cold if I was 101 I'd be 4 degree's over my normal and she run's cold as well.  The school nurse said if she's 99.5 or  higher keep her home but if you get too many unexcused absences then they get all mad with you.  Now having sick kids is miserable but having sick kids when your sick that's just torture.  The more she goes to school the more and more this homeschooling idea is looking like a better idea.  She's already getting notes sent home for kicking other students and I'm getting calls from her teacher.  She's beyond bored and who can blame her, colors and shapes really?  Phonic's?  She's been doing that crap since she was 3.  It's crazy to me how quickly she's picking up her sight words.  And then I'm getting notes that kids in her class don't know phonic's and it seems like she's way ahead of the class.  It's hard to convince your kid that school is important and you should go when you yourself pretty much believe it's a waste of time and they would learn a lot more at home.  These days they have computer programs that do the lessons and check the lessons for you and all you got to do is help them if they get stuck.  But my ex doesn't want her to be the awkward home school kid who doesn't know how to socialize so here we go, one year of constantly getting sick and fighting with my 6 year old to get ready for school b/c she don't ever want to go.

On the good news side though YAY Disney on Ice is coming to town again and I get to take not only my daughter like I usually do the boys want to go too!!  Yeah its expensive I got 2nd row seats in the second section right in the middle, usually I got the side seats that were like 7 bucks less per seat but with it being the boys first time seeing the mouse I wanted to be sure to get good seats.  I shouldn't be this excited to go to an ice show but they really do go all out.  It's like being at Disney world for a couple of hours.  I really want to take them there too but I figure I should probably save for a better car and a better place to live first right?  Speaking of witch lets segway into me asking you to please BUY MY CRAP.  Yes there's a store on Etsy called buy my crap.  Here's a couple listings I don't care if you don't want them buy them anyways, give them to someone you don't like or something. . ..

 First up I am pimping out my purple ombre chains bucket hat.  Perfect for sunny days, accessorizing and other wise looking cool and showing your own style.  The chains are supposed to have spaces between them for your hair to poke threw and to keep your head cool while still blocking some of the sun off your face.  Perfect for your average headed woman teen or tween.  Yours for the low low price of 24.99. 
Next up I am pimping out this lovely mohair lace pink and brown shawl or scarf.  Perfect for a little pop of color to bring your outfit together.  The colors in this range from light pink to mauve to brown to black and the pattern gives you just the right amount of warmth while still letting your skin breathe.  Yours for the low low price of 37.99.

Let me end this by giving my loyal blog readers (all 3 of you) a coupon code for free domestic shipping on any order of $50.00 or more.  Just use coupon code SUNFLOWER at check out this code is good till November 30th so please someone take advantage of this wonderful offer so I can know if my coupon code actually works.  Yeah.  I been watching infomercials again. . . please pardon my speak.  Thanks for stopping by, hope it wasn't a total waste of time. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh, was today a holiday?

Huh, Labor day.  Who knew?  I have been busy creating and cleaning and cutting toxic people out of my life.  Ya know it's a special kind of struggle with toxic family, you don't want to do it because they are family and I was struggling with so much guilt for so long it was really weighing me down but today, I feel better.  Bout time.  Something other single parents can relate to you kind of feel like you got the whole world on your shoulders and these amazing little people are counting on you for absolutely everything day in and day out and then when you have no support from your family or friends on top of that things can get kind of overwhelming.  Thankfully I do have an amazing community of (mostly) online friends who do support me and stick by me no matter what and it has made all the difference in the world.  Anyhow's. . . here's some of my new creations I hope you enjoy .. .

 Up first I have my Ombre chevron scarf yes boys and girls I have joined the trendy train and sold out and am giving my all to give these trendy hipster kids the kind's of products they crave.  Hopefully it will do the trick.  The more products you have on there the more chances you have for someone to see your stuff and want it so let's stock this store! 

Next up I have my blue ombre chevron infinity scarf now I know I have been living under a rock because till I started selling on Etsy I had no idea what an infinity scarf even was.  What an amazing idea!  I never really wear scarf's because I never really knew how to tie them and they'd always be falling off or otherwise a pain in my butt because accessorizing has never been my strong suit but this scarf is amazing.  It never falls off.  It always looks perfect.  And you can double it up for extra warmth if your going out in the blustering cold.  Sweet!!  My first ever infinity scarf and I think it's quite good.  I hope you do too.
Lastly we have my very first attempt at a beret.  Not bad for a first try right?  I had a purple beret a long long time ago in a land far far away and I loved that thing but ya know what, I never could remember to wear the darn thing so it too went by the way side.  These days kids are wearing these things in school, on dates, just because.  It's made with acrylic yarn so it is actually warm and the creme color goes with pretty much everything.  I know my little fake head is kinda scary but it was free so I don't look a free fake head in the mouth. . . or broken nose for that matter .. . maybe someday I'll invest in a good looking head but for now it will have to do.

So there's my 3 new inventions.  My shop is a little less bare.  I did get a special order that I'm working on now and that's kinda awesome with it's own new challenges.  It's just not enough for me to follow a pattern.  I'm an artist!  Got to make my own way and all that noise and challenge myself and do new and exciting things.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the show.