Sunday, November 15, 2015

Are you an American? Call this number: 202-224-3121

Why should you call that number?  So you can tell them what state your from and then you can tell your state senator that you are against having more Syrian refugee's in America.  Should we help these people?  Of course!  Should we bring them here?  Um. . .no.  Why do you ask? 

Well in Paris one of the crazy people was posing as a refugee.  ISIS has stated that this is exactly what they were going to do.  Pose as refugee's and then turn around and go kill people.  This is common knowledge.  You can look it up.  They are so bold they are flat out telling us what they are going to do and here's our president saying oh okay sure come on in and kill a bunch of people.  While your at it, guns kill people.  Turn in your guns in Chicago and we'll give you 200 dollars.  Seriously this really happened you can look it up.  Not only is this a danger to us but there are many other reasons to be against letting all these refugee's into the country unchecked. 

First off, people need jobs.  Every day at my work someone calls, someone comes in, BEGGING for a job.  People need jobs now.  How many people do you think will need jobs if we have all these new people coming in willing to work off the books for whatever pay just so they can have a job?   People are homeless now.  Living on the streets.  Where are all these people going to live?  Is someone going to give them all houses or apartments?  What are they going to eat?  Oh that's okay they will all get food stamps.  Guess what?  I have had the pleasure of being poor enough for food stamps.  I know several others who are loosing their homes and lost their jobs, needing help in paying for food.  We are all getting squeezed out.  I lost my food stamps due to something so asinine its hard to even believe.  My ex husband has savings accounts for the kids under their names.  They are minors on the accounts and can't pull any money out of the bank till they are 18.  But because he has them under their names and socials EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE NO ACCESS TO THE MONEY, I can't even find out how much is in there- we lost our food assistance.  Come to find out after the fact its like 400 dollars in there (spread between 3 kids) so it wasn't even enough for us to get kicked out but just because it was there we get booted.  People who are lucky enough to still get help are getting less and less help to the point where some are only getting like 20 bucks a month.   What is the point?  Well once they get on food assistance there's not going to be anything left for anyone else.  This is another type of warfare that is quoted in their so called holy book.  They feed off the host country like parasites and refuse to conform to the host country's laws till they eventually take over.  With the numbers that he wants to bring in it sounds very likely that this will happen sooner than later. 

In other countries where they have let them come in and run amuck, women are being raped.  Children are being raped.  Little 15 year old girls are being gang raped.  There are places in these countries where the police won't go because it is deemed "unsafe" to go there unless you are Muslim.  Granted here we at least have the ability to bear arms so perhaps that will cull the insanity for awhile but seriously why play with it at all? 

Now I am not saying all Muslims are bad people.  I am not saying that we shouldn't help them, I am just saying from what I have seen of the ones who are already here we are already full up of Muslims please go somewhere else we have no room in the inn.  Can't we give them Alaska or something?  I wish there was a way to scan for radical ones but even with that the strain on our already collapsing economy I fear can't handle much more. 

So if your an American, if you love your neighbors and your family's and your co workers please call this number and blow up the phones and tell them that you are against all these refugee's coming here.  Please.