Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween and other stuff. . .

So Trick or Treats was postponed till tomorrow due to lack of interest. . . no really its because they thought the weather was going to be bad but it's looking pretty mild and no rain so they probably should have just left it.  Oh well.  Watch it be pouring buckets tomorrow.  Not to toot my own horn but BEEP BEEP some things I'm pretty excited about . ..

If you type in "crochet" and search for people on Twitter I come up 16th on the list.  Not that many would type in "crochet" on twitter but if they have a mind to I only have to beat out 15 other people before they will come to me first.  And the first 5 or so were like crochet publications and such so yay for that! 

If you type in "Crochet By Mel" on Bing my site is the first one on the list.  Google still has some catching up to do for some reason they think some other crochet shop that sells mostly kiddie type crochet stuff is more important than my store even when you type in my stores name but on the plus side my links to my store are at least coming up on the front page of there now so yay!  Still lots of work to do but its nice to see some fruit coming out of my labor. 

The kids were very disappointed that trick or treating got pushed back a day but I think it means my sister will be able to join us witch will be awesome and I got another friend and the neighbor chick we got a group thing planned so yay for that I won't be constantly having a heart attack because someone ran off. 

Got to see my daughter at school today for her Halloween parade that was fun.  In case you don't have kids and are wondering what the big costumes are this year at least in this neighborhood its mostly, Mario, Luigi, power rangers, some weird thing with no face that comes in a bunch of different colors, Batman, IronMan, FBI agent (lol) and then your standard witch's and Disney princesses.  Today A crowned me brave princess mommy so I guess that's my Halloween costume this year. 

My thumb and fingers still feel like they are gonna fall off so I should probably lay off the crocheting for awhile but I so want to finish my sweater.  It's not even half way done yet.  You know people really don't realize how much TIME it takes to make a thing, sure sometimes they look super easy but the reality is even the most easy of projects that's 2 hours of my life I will never get back.  Good thing I love what I do, if I didn't I wouldn't be doing it. 

Here's a spooky spiderwebish shawl for ya, would make a great accessory to that sexy witch costume, you can find it right here and I'm not making another one.  I love how it turned out but it was a pain in my hands to make so yeah, this is a Crochet By Mel one of a kind shawl.  Made from silky smooth black bamboo thread.  The options are endless, would be great with a dress, at a wedding, wear to the office, whatever you want.  Classic black goes with everything and you will be noticed.  Yeah I under priced this little beauty but it's not really doing me any good sitting in my inventory so my loss is your gain.

This super creepy giant bug was out and about when I was taking pictures of my items.  I think its a praying mantis or some such nonsense.  I live right next to the woods and sometimes its just like camping but even though I'm a city girl I got used to it. . .kind of.  The other day I saw a tiny little creepy baby mole digging right next to my door.  I don't think they can see at all from the way it was wobbling around.  Yuck.  Then this past weekend I saw a wolf cross the street on my way home from the gas station.  It looked right at my car and kept walking.  That's right, you'd better get a move on.  I'm so scary I even scare wolves.  Anyways I'll shut up now, thanks for stopping by leave a comment if you wish and have a safe and happy Halloween, be sure to take candy from strangers :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

unisex styles and Christmas gift ideas

Know what sucks?  When you have a million ideas of awesome things to crochet but you can't because it feels like your thumb is going to fall off from the hours you spent crocheting at the speed of light.  I'm in the middle of a super awesome sweater that I'm probably going to list as a custom order and keep this one for myself because it's just that cool.  Honestly I don't know what I'm doing wrong I stretch and take breaks and all that but still it's like my thumb is out of joint or something so I'm going to have to give it a couple of days before I go back. ..yeah right. ..  maybe I'll only crochet for like an hour today that's giving it a break right?

Anyhow I been busy making fabulous winter scarves and hats for fantastic Christmas gift ideas or for yourself.  I've even made some unisex things for guys or gal's just to make things extra easy on you.  Let's take a quick peek shall we?

 Here is my latest greatest chevron chenille scarf.  It's white and a medium to dark blue and this chenille is super lush and luxurious.  It's warm and soft at the same time.  Last time I was at the store I saw ton's of Chenille scarves and throws but why not get yourself a one of a kind scarf?  It's right here and it cost's less than you think.
 Next up we got this cute and functional brown and orange beanie.  It's got a slight rim to it that can be pushed up or down.  It's really cute, and conforms to the wearers head.  Perfect from Halloween to Thanksgiving, made from two different types of chenille that will keep you warm and fashionable.  Check it out here one of a kind I don't have any more of these colors and I doubt I can get them.  One size fits most.
 This awesome snuggly oatmeal and rusty brown chenille hat is perfect for anyone.  Most people it will fit a little slouchy on witch is the style these days.  If your head is exceptionally large it will stretch.  Check it out here, best part?  These gifts are 20 bucks or less and it looks like you really care because they are handmade.  Or maybe you do really care, in that case even better! This hat is mega comfy.
Lastly here's me and why I'm not a model with this oatmeal and brown striped beanie.  This too is 20 or less and is great for a guy or girl.  Super comfy and warm it will stretch to fit everyone.  You can find it here along with many other awesome gift ideas handmade with love by yours truly.  So here's hoping I can kick my crochet addiction before my thumb falls off and I will have many more awesome products to come.  If there's something you'd like to see or something you'd like me to make please don't hesitate to ask I love a challenge.  Thanks for stopping by, tell your friends :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Read your Bible

I know, I know right usually when I make a post I'm sitting here spewing about my latest and greatest creations but this is important folks.  If your going to call yourself a Christian or a Christ follower if you will READ YOUR BIBLE.  I have been reading mine lately and I gotta tell you it sure makes a lot more sense when you read whole chapters rather than picking out two or three verses like they do in church.  Church is all good and everything, you get to meet with other believers and talk and have some coffee and sing some songs but I got to say, rarely if ever have I learned anything there.  I don't know if it's because there's just not enough time or because pastor is too afraid to say something that's going to offend someone but man that stuff is watered down. 

Right now I'm a big fan of anything written by Paul.  Paul was a good guy he seems to really get it.  I take my Bible literally though so some of the stuff about women is pretty offensive.  I'm just going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that some of his meanings were lost in translation.  This last part I just got done reading touched on teaching and in the end times how we have all these pastors pushing their own brand of Christianity.  That's what's turning so many people away.  They lie.  No where in the Bible does it say that abortion is wrong, murder or a sin.  I've yet to come across anything that says being gay is a sin either.  Maybe they didn't talk about those types of things back then or maybe I'm missing something somewhere but what I did read was it said that it is good for a man not to marry.  So from what I gather of that is gay people should be happy they don't have to marry, because let me tell you its not all its cracked up to be. 

Other insights I learned is if your a christian your supposed to take care of your own family so that the church can take care of those who are really in need and have no family.  My mom keeps trying to push me off on charity's that give homes to single mothers and such but I just don't feel right doing it, I know things are not super great here but some people have it much much worse and I'd rather they get the help they need than me.  Maybe she's worried about us I don't know.   All I know is I will pray.  It's not failed me yet and I'll just pray, somethings gonna come threw it always does.  From what I've read it seems like I'm on the right track.  Live a nice quiet life.  Yeah,  I think I can do that.