Thursday, February 25, 2016

Enjoy the pause

Well, we had a few inches of snow, quick everyone panic.  It's like, maybe 8 inches total.  Chaos on the social media people saying roads are closed that are not closed, people calling people idiots and all that fun stuff. Had to call the police non emergency number to find out that everything is just fine.  But I am the only one who can get to work so- since I am not about to go out on deliveries its closed for the day. How bad is it that I'd rather be at work???  I actually like my job.  I look forward to my kid-free time.  I haven't had any in well over a week.  Daughter been sick with the sinus infection so she's been with me since last Thursday.  It wouldn't be so bad if it was only one but 3 they are constantly at each others throats.  Why?  Why do we always have to yell?  Why does everything have to be such a huge drama fest?  I wish people would stop buying my kids the same toys because they are constantly fighting over who's is who's.  Like it matters.  They are the same.

I got a whole hour today to talk with my Ash.  Funny how when your working or doing other such stuff an hour seems to go by so fast but if your just talking to a 6 year old an hour can seem like a day.  I wish I had more one on one time with my kiddos.  They really do grow up so fast.  Guess its another day of playing ref and trying to keep the peace.  At least we have power and heat..  .could be worse.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

I can't believe we already got threw about half the flowers she ordered.  There was so many.  You couldn't even walk into the walk in cooler.  And the other 3 coolers were full too.  My feet hurt.  My hand and wrist hurts.  Already took the medicine. . . . One more day.  One more day of crazy crazy and then back to "normal."  BIL is working out good he's got the "delivery bug" and was so excited about delivering again today he took the slips home with him so he could plan his route.  Isn't that cute??  Love is in the air.  Crazy girls are already calling the shop trying to see if anyone got them anything.  Other crazy girls are complaining that we left their flowers with a neighbor.  Well hello, if we left them outside they would FREEZE and then you'd be complaining about that.  What is it about the holiday's that brings out the crazy in people?  I hope Joe is getting lots of tips.  He said half the people won't even come to the door till he calls and tells them why he is there.  I guess they are worried about getting served or something. .. lol.  The UPS guy is so sweet he brought us in an edible arrangement.  He delivered SO MANY packages to us the past couple of weeks.  I hope his girl friend takes him back.  He got her 18 roses arranged a giant teddy bear and an edible arrangement.  Well time to make myself pretty and get ready to make the 20+ orders we left on the table, not to mention whatever comes in. . . I don't want to think about it.  Maybe just maybe my prince will come and he'll buy me some flowers and maybe I'll get off in time to go to dinner and live happily ever after. . . hey, quit laughing!  It could happen.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Your guide to buying flowers for Valentines day

 Well it's that time of year again, Valentines day.  Here's some tips and tricks from your friendly neighborhood florist for getting the most bang for your buck this Valentines season.
 1.  Do buy early.  If you go into your local florist shop early enough you can still get the pre-Valentines prices.  It's worth it.  Also, don't hate on your florists we have to raise the prices because the wholesalers raise their prices.  It's not about them being greedy its about the bottom line.  Well at least at the shop I work at anyways.  If you go in early and tell them what you want odds are they will be able to pull it for you verses coming in at the last minute and getting what just happens to be "left over"  no matter how much we buy we always run out.  So if your looking for something special like these circus roses (they aren't really circus roses I just call them that) order ahead.  Oddly enough there is a rose called a circus rose and its yellow with orange tips.  In case you were wondering.  .
 2.  Don't use 1800flowers or Teleflora or FTD.  Sure we are affiliated with all of those guys and they are great and all but you got to think,   You are paying for a service and those guys take a cut as well as the florist.  So in the end you may not get the full value of what you paid for (since there's a middleman)   Generally I say hey half the world is middle men and they don't take too kindly to being cut out but if you want to get what you paid for, your best bet is to go to the shop direct and pick up your order, that way you save a delivery charge as well.  If you see a special you like in an advertisement you can buy it directly from the shop you don't have to use the service to get the product.  Also keep in mind a lot of arrangements that you see in the advertisements are only one sided, be sure to check the description.

3.  If you want the flowers to last a long time look into getting stuff with carnations, daisy's and tulips.  Those flowers last the longest.  Sure roses are the go-to but your lucky if they last a week.  I am partial to tulips myself.  When you see tulips you know spring is coming.

4.  If you are getting flowers delivered, sign the card.  Even if you think she's going to know who they are from.  I can't even tell you how many calls we got at the old shop from people wondering who these flowers came from.  Stalking isn't sexy.  If your really that worried that they are cheating just ask them point blank.  Most people have a hard time lying to your face.  If you don't sign the card but pay by a credit card most shops will rat you out anyways if the recipient calls so you might as well just sign it.

5.  If your buying flowers for your wife and your mistress do not buy them at the same shop.  At the old shop I was at he mixed up the cards accidentally (on purpose) just use 2 different florists, or don't be a doushe and cheat on your wife/girl friend.  Seriously though.

Anyways those are all the tips I can think of.  I finally remembered to bring my camera to work and go to snap a pic of one of my vases.  It's a shame a man had to die for that to be sent to his family.  And its a shame I'm short so your not really getting a good angle of it but it was pretty.  I am partial to yellow.  It's funny how when your a designer you get on these kicks, like today I was in a peach and green mood almost everything I did was peach and green.  Just like artists go thew their "blue" phase or whatever it's all the same.  You don't even really realize your doing it most times.

I love to hate Valentines day.  It's fun being busy and knowing your doing something that makes people happy.  This year I get to work with my brother in law he's going to be one of the extra delivery drivers.  Usually we send out anywhere from 15 to 30 arrangements a day,  during Christmas we were sending out about a hundred.  I got a feeling Valentines is going to be worse but at least it's not the mother of all holidays (Mothers day).  Who know's maybe by this time next year I'll have a Valentine of my own.  Stranger things have happened. . .

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hello February

And just like that January is gone. . .never to be seen again.  Well maybe.  In comes February with the insane amount of flowers and work.  The shortest month of the year.  Blink and you'll miss that one too.  Time goes by so fast.  Seems like every year goes by quicker and quicker.  Funny how when your a kid it takes forever for school to be over, and summer break seemed to last forever.  Now a days everything feels like catch-up.  It never ends and you can never get ahead.

Oh and if people could just stop dying for the next 2 weeks or so that would be great.  It's nice when people call the shop and fawn over my beautiful arrangements because lets face it, every one is a piece of me.  It's me in a vase, or me in a basket, or me on a coffin.  Thank goodness I haven't gotten any complaints since I worked at the other shop where they were stingy with the flowers and I wasn't allowed to make anything just follow the recipes and try not to make it look so skimpy.  I wish I remembered to take pictures because I am always left scratching my head wondering what one they are talking about when they call.  It's great they they liked them and all but I wish they would just stop dying.  Funeral pieces take a lot of time.

It's raining.  Good.  Because I want to cry, but I can't so outside can go do it for me.  Ain't nobody got time for all that  .. .

Monday, February 1, 2016

letting go

It doesn't take that much strength to hold on.  It takes strength to let go.  To trust God.  Take that leap of faith that if you let go everything is going to fall into place just like it did before, and the time before that.  But then you have to think,  who can handle it better?  Me with my silly human mind and stupid mortal plans or the creator of the entire universe who loved me so much that he actually died for me.  Who's more qualified to handle the situation?  Duh.  Who's taken care of me time and time and time again?  Who promises in his word that he loves to give his children good things.  So I been praying for some miracles.  I have seen some before so its not like its a really tall order I just have to hope that I haven't reached my quota of miracles yet.  I know he can do anything, and his will will be done regardless you can't un-see the things I have seen.  There is no turning back.  Multiply my faith oh God.  Heal my broken heart.  Help me to forget.  Show me your ways.  Help me to pick up my cross every single day I am still here, rid me of myself once and for all.

I'm gone.