Saturday, October 31, 2015

If you just smile. And hats.

You never know what is going to happen do you?  I was at a gas station the other day getting one of my indulgent spiced pumpkin latte's and I noticed this guy come in.  Kind of strange. . he made sure the door was closed after him.  So I get my coffee and get in line behind him.  Just another day you know.  And then he turns around and smiles at me.  I smiled back.  And then he gets up and walks out gets back in his car and leaves.  I guess I will never know what that was all about.  Was he just a weirdo who likes to make sure doors are closed behind him?  Was he running late for work and couldn't wait in line to pay for his gas?  Or was he going to rob the place and had second thoughts?  Maybe the delicious smell of my spiced pumpkin latte brought back memories of a better day and he decided not to do it.  Maybe my smile was all it took.  I don't know but it has been a couple of days and I still can't get the incident out of my head.  I think its because it is so rare these days for people to just randomly smile at you.  It used to be people would always smile and say hello, and everyone knows your name and all that, but with technology being what it is it seems like people don't so much communicate anymore.  And if you read that whole sentence and it made sense to you than I tip my hat to you. 

So today was Halloween.  I am divorced.  One of the benefits and one of the pitfalls of that is you miss half the holidays with your kids.  Today it was not my day to take them trick or treating.  I choose to see it as a blessing since it was raining and cold.  They still got candy and I got to stay nice and warm and crochet more hats.  I guess I might as well show you some of my latest ones.  You can find them all at I have really been on a hat kick lately.  Probably because of my job, I now like shorter projects that I can get done verses ones that stay on my desk for a month because it takes me so long to finish them.  I would love to get your opinions on them!  I really like the blue one because its chunky and texturized and you can wear it 3 ways by either braiding it like I have it braided in the last picture or taking the braids out so its slouchy or mega slouchy.  When you have both braids out it could even fit shorter dreads!  These hats all come in just about any color you can think of and if you want one in a color I don't have listed odds are I can get it.  So just ask!  So what do you think? 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Boatload of flowers take 2

Well there you have it folks.  I only did the 2 big swags my awesome and wonderful co-workers did the wreathes.   I guess they got it on there with power tools or something and had a tarp to protect it from the cold at  night.  I tell you what its a good thing I am not a delivery driver because things never look the way I picture them in my head and I would be upset all the time.  Sure it came out beautiful but that's not how I pictured it. . .you know??  At least they had a great sunny day for it.  I guess they had to park the boat a certain way to get the flowers on because the wind was terrible bad the other way.  The customer is happy and that's all that matters.  I can't believe I made those things 8 feet long and they still didn't frame the whole name.  I am disappointed about that but those are the measurements they gave us and I don't think I could have gotten much bigger anyways.  As it was it was 2 casket sprays set together to look like one big piece.  . . .and I had to do 2 of them.  I never did 4 casket sprays in one day before but hey at least now I know it can be done. . . God forbid there's some kind of terrible tragedy and we need that many for one day. 

Well that was a neat job.  I love getting these challenge jobs and at least there wasn't any bridezilla's involved.  All's well that ends well I always say .. . .

Thursday, October 15, 2015

We have a boatload of flowers. . litterally

So I have been asked to do many a things in my floral design days, but this is a first for me.  I must say I am kind of excited.  Today was a weird day.  We had so many flowers in our cooler that you literally could not walk into the walk in cooler.  And I was sitting there thinking okay . . .sweetest day is Saturday but seriously what are we going to do with all these flowers? 

Enter these guys. . . Their boss's mother died and he had named this tug boat after her.  So they want 2 giant swags and 5 wreaths to decorate this boat with and I sure hope they get some good pictures once they get it all set up because I don't know how well my arrangements are going to hold up on the water.  You got the wind, you got the waves, at least its not salt water but still if it gets below freezing the flowers are going to freeze.  I guess they are going to Michigan after they take a bunch of pictures for the funeral.  I hope the arrangements hold up but I don't know man. . . part of me wanted to have them sign a waver that we won't be held responsible if anything falls down and hits someone on the head, they aren't super heavy and probably won't kill anyone but still.  I think its going to look really beautiful once its all set up, I hope it lasts. 

Not to go all clerks on you but "I'm not even supposed to be here today!"  That happens a lot where I am though coming in on days off.  I enjoy it because its like. . . I still get paid for coming in on my day off so who am I to complain?  And I love the work so its a double bonus really, especially when the kid are in school anyways its not like I am missing out on anything.

So I guess I know now why we had all those flowers funny how sometimes life works out like that.  Sure would be nice if all we had to do is order a ton of flowers and every time get a big order like this.  Well better hit the hay, big day tomorrow.  It's not so much the work that tuckers you out its more of the emotional cheese and rice can I even do this type of stuff that wears you out.  Wondering if its going to all fit in the van.  Wondering if its going to look right on the boat.  They were awesome enough to give us measurements but still. . .in this line either people love love love it or they hate it.  My saving grace is its for a bunch of guys so they will probably not really care too much.  For the first time ever I get to go in and say "We have a boatload of flowers" and not be just being a smart ass.  How exciting!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

That moment when someone tells you your car is only worth 95 dollars.

I must admit I did plan on running that car into the ground, so I guess I did a good job.  I don't understand though how a car that runs and all is worth only 95 dollars.  In the end I only got 90 for it.  If they ripped me off well than one day God can sort it out.  That was one headache I needed to get rid of literally.  I think the car was giving me headaches because the fumes were leaking into the car.  No bueno.  The transmission was slipping and then there's that little part about where I went over rail road tracks and the air bag blew up in my face and caught on fire. . I guess that's like 500 to fix all on its own.  I always wondered what it was like to have an air bag go off on you.  Well now I know.  I didn't even hit anything so it was a big shock when it happened and there's all that white powdery stuff.  And then I smelled burning.  The metal plate on my steering wheel was some how super hot and was burning the air bag like a bag of popcorn that had been in the microwave too long.  So I decided to pull over. . . since my window didn't roll down or anything. . .yeah.  Time to die little car.

Things I will not miss about you: The window didn't roll down
The radio didn't work
The tape player didn't work.  Yes I said TAPE player NO CD PLAYER
The air conditioning didn't work.
The heat broke 3 times last winter.
Only 4 seat belts so my daughter had to ride shotgun.
Transmission randomly shifting gears for seemingly no reason at all.

So yes.  End of the line with you.  And I feel sorry for the poor soul that gave me money for you.  I hope they dismantle you and find ways to make you useful because as far as a car goes, your fired.  Good riddance to old rubbish.

Seriously though its the end of an era.  I got that car when I was 21.  I had that car 14 years.  It got hit by lightning and hence had serious problems with the electrical system I suspect thats why my radio was so spotty and then eventually gave out.  It got hit by a semi truck on the toll road lucky he wasn't going that fast and stopped going into my lane when I blasted my horn.  Got hit by another semi truck when it was on a side road it wasn't supposed to be on.  Been rear ended a couple of times.  Since I moved here the neighbor across the street hit it 2 or 3 times.  A giant tree branch fell on it during a storm.  And once upon a time I backed up into a pick up truck in the parking lot.  And when my sister was getting married I bumped into a mini van.  (I was nervous for her) Oh well.  Now I owe someone way too much money but at least I have a car and can keep my job and can still be pretty much independent and take care of the kiddos.

How long have you had the same car for??