Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Are people really boycotting Target? Yes. Yes they are.

So I have heard a lot in the social media news about how that over priced trendy Target store is making bathrooms special for Transgender people.  Now I never understood why they had to do this because every store I ever went to had that little "family" bathroom where I could drag all my kids into the one stall bathroom and lock the door whenever anyone had to go so I could make sure everyone was safe and okay.  Being a mom of boys I didn't want to go with them to the boys room and I do not allow them to go by themselves for safety reasons so they liked going there since they wouldn't have to go in the ladies room.  Why can't transgender people use that one?  It's usually empty anyways and then they don't have to worry about what gender they associate with or think that they are.  Problem solved.  Right? Wrong.  Lets make transgender restrooms in all our stores for the .03% of the population that claims to be transgender.  So family groups and Christians and a whole bunch of other people said they are going to boycott the store.  I didn't believe it.  I mean who doesn't shop at Target?  I was more homesick for Target when I moved than I was for my old house.  So imagine my surprise when I went in for my weekly "Target" dose to see a virtual ghost town.  I got the 6th parking place in my lane and it was the first lane I drove into to get a spot.  6.  Normally I have to park all the way back in the back and walk about a mile just to get into the store.  Not this time.  I got spot 6.  The only part of the store that had maybe half of the normal amount of customers was the grocery section.  I did a lap around the store to check out the rest.  I counted 12 people.  IN THE WHOLE REST OF THE STORE.  The toy section, the clothes sections, electronics, everywhere was virtually empty.  And the people I did see had like one item in their carts.  This is in a pretty nice neighborhood.  Where doctors and lawyers and people with a large chunk of disposable income live.  And no one was there.  I did enjoy not having to wait at all to check out with my one box of cereal.  But if this keeps up I can't see them staying in business for very long, I mean just the costs to keep the lights on and pay the employees alone no way they made enough money today to do that.  The suspense is terrible. . . I hope it lasts.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Whats new at Crochet By Mel

Well since I have been getting some good reviews lately I am sharing them on here in case anyone has been interested in the past of my work and maybe they want something.  I promise you, I do good work.  But don't take it from me, take it from these wonderful people who I am proud to call my customers.  First off, I have a soon to be bride who hired me to do her wedding gown.  She saw my listing and we modified it to her liking and she got a one of a kind custom made wedding dress for her big day.  This is what she had to say about it:

I just received what will be my wedding dress, and it's stunning! Instead of the brighter white dress that's pictured, I ordered a "natural" off-white in cotton and I'm so happy with that choice. I also requested some slight differences in the structure, which didn't seem to be a problem at all. I was a little nervous not knowing what my adjustments might look like, but I trusted that Mel would know best how to work with it. Mel's careful, skilled and thoughtful work is absolutely worth the wait, and the leap of faith in not being able to make a decision based on trying it on. It fits just right, and I'll be very proud to wear something made with such care for such a special occasion!

If you'd like to see the listing she bought it from you can click here I am just going to add a picture, its from Geneve Hoffman Photography she did a spread with my dress in it and was gracious enough to allow me use of her pictures.

Next we have this beauty.  I have made a few of these "jackets" and this is the second time someone bought one and wants more, so I thought I'd share it with you.  This one in the photo is size 2X, the one I sold was pre-made in a purple size small.  This is what she had to say about it:

Thrilled with this. I won't wear it with a belt. It seems like high quality yarn and is sexy, flattering and I want more in other colors. It's a great top and it came right away.

She was going to order more but the poor thing ended up with a medical emergency so we have them on hold for now.  If you want one they come in sizes from small to 2X and come in tons of colors.  I will warn you though if it's not pre-made these take quite a bit of time to do, usually at least a month so if you want one order early!  Click here to check out the colors and sizes. 

 Lastly these Coconut Creme candles have always been a big seller.  Lately though I have been getting review after review about how great they are.  They do smell awesome.  Kind of like going on vacation without the price tag.  Here's a couple of awesome reviews:

My second candle order from your shop. Such great quality and they smell so nice! Fast shipping too!!

This candle smells incredible! Thank you so much for providing such a dreamy mix.

So if you'd like to try them for yourself you can find them on my Etsy site Crochet By Mel or you can find them on my stand alone on my stand alone you can buy them singly, on etsy the smallest amount you can get is a couple.  I so enjoy making these candles as they make my apartment smell amazing.  But don't take my word for it. . . take there's :)