Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The T-shirt Bra At Victoria's Secrets

Those who know me know I'm an avid Victoria's secret addict so much so that I am on the Angel's Forever panel where we chat and do polls and surveys to improve upon the brand.  Not only was I lucky enough to receive a free Victoria's Secret T-shirt bra they also gave me an extra one for one of my besties!  How generous is that?   I have got to say this new bra is amazing.  They really took into consideration all the feedback that we gave them and made a superior product.  It is so comfortable that you totally forget you have it on and I could totally see myself sleeping in it no problem.  I have worn mine all day and haven't had to adjust it once.  I love that the straps come off so you can wear it cross back or regular.  The colors area all kinds of awesome and they don't have all the jewels and bedazzlements that show up when your wearing it under a t-shirt.  It's nothing fancy but definitely their best demi yet and probably going to be my new go-to every day bra especially in the summer when you don't want all that extra padding making you feel like a girl in a hot car with two pillows strapped to her chest.  It's got the perfect amount of lift for wearing with V-necks and tank tops.  Totally thrilled with this new product!

My shopping experience was pretty good too this time the cashier didn't look at me like I was trying to pull one over on her so I am assuming they gave the associates a heads up this time.  They didn't open the store on time though witch was a little annoying, especially since I had my 4 year old twins with me and you know how impatient children can be.  The store was tidy as ever and I got to smell the new Bombshells In Bloom perfume.  I do like it its much more flowery than the regular Bombshells though and I think I am just going to stick with that as my signature fragrance for now.  Even my kids love the bombshells fragrance I often catch my daughter spraying it on herself or stealing my bombshells lotion. . . .and yes even my 4 year old boys.  I think they just want to smell like mommy.  The youngest said he does it when he's going to daddy's house for the weekend so he can smell mommy when he's gone. :)  Nothing wrong with little boys who want to smell pretty. 

My friend went to get hers today as well and she's equally thrilled.  She too ran home and put hers on right away.  Honestly its a brilliant strategy by giving one away for free they are sure to get women to come back and get more especially since it's so darn comfortable.  Anyways I had a hard time leaving a comment on the Angels Forever Panel so I thought I'd just blab it here, go try one on, you'll never want to take it off!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Meet VaLon from thevicagirl!  I have recently got the chance to interview her and check out her shop, check out her answers below.

Why did you start blogging?
I love to write, and write tons of journals. I had been reading and learning so much about being green that my mother suggested I write a book about it. I decided I didn't have enough info for a whole book, but that blogging would be fun. Ever since then I just enjoy writing blogs.

Where does your inspiration come from when writing articles?
I blog about the things around me. Whatever I am learning about at the time. I also like to photograph every project I make, so that I can share it with the world.

What 3 websites could you not live without?
Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube, oh, and Twitter. Weird I know. But I constantly get all my other websites forwarded to gmail, so it is all in one place. And I love to blog, I guess I could do a different site, as long as I could write. YouTube because I might be addicted to watching some guys who make videos. Love it. And twitter because it is so much fun.

Why should Etsy seller’s blog?
To give a backstage look at things. I feel like a lot of my items people can figure out how to make. And with pinterest these days, everyone wants to know how to make things themselves. Just because you show how to make something, doesn't mean people won't buy your craft. They may try it themselves, realize they can't do it, and buy yours. Or if they are anything like me, run from making it and just buy yours. It is always fascinating to watch someone work. Plus, people can see your drive, and learn that what you charge is worth what you are asking.

How do you manage your time between Etsy and the rest of your life?
Set aside a time, each day, to work. Work on it during that time, and then move onto your different responsiblities. I love having a schedule, it makes me be able to do more in a day.

Where else can we find you online?
Etsy - etsy.com/thevicagirl
Blogger - thevicagirl.blogspot.com/
Twitter - twitter.com/thevicagirl
Pinterest - www.pinterest.com/thevicagirl/
YouTube - www.youtube.com/thevicagirl
I love talking and learning from other artists!  Please go check out her shop she's got some sweet upcycled necklaces, I especially love the Eiffel tower one. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Can whoever ticked Elsa off please go and apologize? Schools need to close.

Enough already.  Many states have had it worse than us but I just have to say, Why????  No one around here shovels their snow so kids are walking in the street to get to the bus stops.  Well I guess they would be if they were waiting for the bus.  I tried waiting for the bus today because my car won't start.  We waited for about 10 minutes before I said forget this she just isn't going to school today.   It's -2 with the wind chill and there's a wind chill advisory yet they don't close the school why????  I guess because they already called it off too many times.  My boys are 4, I can't leave them home alone while I go wait for the bus with my daughter.  Even with hats, coats, mittens and scarves after 10 minutes they were screaming in PAIN because it is so cold out.  There's about 2 to 3 feet of snow on all the sidewalks so you can't walk on the sidewalks.  I get that kids need to go to school but some of the kids around here don't even have coats, lucky the few I've seen without them their parents drive them to school so they are only out there for a minute from the car to the school but still.  It's not right.

I think parents need to rise up and say NO.  If its too cold out to wait for the bus than its too cold out to have school.  If everyone I've talked to that has agreed with me would just keep their kids home eventually the schools would have to listen.  They get money for every student that shows up every day.  I realize that many have jobs and hate when it's a snow day because they are left scrambling to find a sitter so they can get to work but what's more important, our children's well being or keeping a job?  These are the choices parents are faced with every day.  With the outrageous cost of daycare a lot of these second incomes are only going to pay the daycare bill and your left with what at the end of your paycheck?  50 bucks?  Quit your jobs.  Take care of your kids.  I have friends who have -26 temps and they are still taking their kids to school this is INSANITY people.  We as parents need to say enough is enough!  This is not okay.  I say until winter can behave herself and keep the temps above freezing with the wind chill they should just close school.  If there's anyone local who needs a sitter on snow day's I'd be more than happy to help you out I'm here anyways.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!  Please leave a comment!